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Welcome to Proactive Security

Welcome to Proactive Security Services. We are at the forefront of Security Solution Technology.

Security and Logistics Solutions, Face Recognition Access Control Systems, Thermal Camera Imaging, Timelapse, CCTV, RSI Detection, Traffic Management Personnel, Construction Workforce, and Web-Based Delivery Scheduling Systems, providing a turnkey security solution to our clients.


About Us

The time is now to review your current security solutions and trust in Proactive Security Services. We install and maintain security solution technology for the Construction and Commercial Organisations. From Face Recognition Access Control Systems, Thermal Imagining Temperature Cameras to Temporary Security Solutions you can be assured Proactive Security Services will provide an ultimate cutting edge turnkey solution.
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Latest News

Face Recognition with Thermal Imaging to prevent additional COVID-19 outbreak.
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Meet the Team

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02 October

From Operations to Human Resources to Accounts to our Security staff, all our team members are pinnacle to achieving high levels of customer satisfaction across all of our services.
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