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Derby Delivery Unit Super Depot

Proactive Security Services Limited were appointed to provide their services for the Network Rail Maintenance HQ project.

An amalgamation of security and access control solutions has been an effective and cost efficient for the projects general logistics and security requirements.

Overview of Services Provided

  1. Bio metric Access Control System
  2. Gatehouse Personnel
  3. Temporary Accommodation/ gatehouse
  4. Web based Delivery Scheduling System
  5. Out of Hours Security

Planning security and logistic needs

By involving PSS in the initial planning stage we were provided with a detailed and well executed logistic and security plan.

PSS recommended using the levo biometric reader in conjunction with a PC based Paxton Software version because if its reliability, access control mechanisms and additional reporting benefits it can bring to a project.

The full height turnstile and PC are located within a presentable dedicated cabin. PSS supplied and configured the unit to create welfare and office accommodation for their SIA Gateman with an access corridor onto the site via the turnstile. The PC and enrolment reader are located within the security office. PSS deployed a highly skilled SIA Gateman to perform gatehouse duties and additional roles associated with the access control administration including the enrollment process and to provide management reporting of access control activity in line with environment KPI’s and fatigue management essentially saving MCUK management valuable time.

By positioning the cabin in conjunction with the pedestrian routes improves the induction work flow process.

PSS have also provided a Web Based Delivery System. This will benefit the project when the workload and deliveries increase to a level, as previously un planned deliveries would potentially pose issues with the shared access. The system will be administrated by the SIA Gateman personnel under the influence of MCUK.

Another impressive service includes the real time patrolling system used for monitoring and validating the patrols carried out by the out of hours security personnel. A web portal accessed via allows authorised MCUK users to view the patrol data in real time. 24/7.

Derby Delivery Unit Super Depot Derby Delivery Unit Super Depot Derby Delivery Unit Super Depot